Advisory service

Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts’ Advisory Service offers legal advice on contractual relations, labour law, business space lease, pension and health insurance, and concessions and licenses.

Advice on investment planning, crediting and other subsidies is provided in cooperation with commercial banks and trade savings and loan cooperatives, state authorities and institutions, and non-governmental organizations that provide incentives for trade and small sized business development.

In connection to operating a trade business, there is advice provided on managing a trade business, marketing and business networking, business operation analysis and financial reports, and accounting and taxation.

Technical advice spans from minimal technical requirements, organization of work, computerization, intellectual property, safety at work, environmental protection, and regulations and standards.

Advisory services for tradesmen and craftsmen are available every day, through office visits, phone, e-mail, post or advisers’ visits to trade businesses.

Advice is also provided to future tradesmen, especially advice on starting up a trade business, form of a business, a joint trade business, foreman, temporary suspension and obligations in operating a trade business.

Individual consultation of tradesmen is extended by professional information published in The Tradesmen Periodical and other Chamber’s publications and by consultations, conferences or seminars organized by Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Alan Vajda, Adviser on Legal Issues
Tel: 01 / 48 06 660

Ingrid Dinka Floigl, Adviser on Legal Issues
Tel: 022 / 31 17 15

Anđelko Vojvoda, Adviser on Technical-Technological Development
Tel: 01 / 48 06 661

Neven Završki, Adviser on Trade/Craft Business Management
Tel: 01 / 48 06 663

Božidar Zoričić, sAdviser on Trade/Craft Business Management
Tel: 022 / 31 17 16

Ivica Kostović, Adviser on Agriculture in Trade/Craft Businesses
Tel: 023 / 31 10 79

Lenko Ugrinić, Adviser on Tourism and Hospitality
Tel: 023 / 31 10 79

Ljubica Kangrga, Adviser on Financing
Tel: 01 / 48 06 649