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Chamber’s activities are transparent and public. News of all activities and public notices are available to the public primarily through good, continuing cooperation with the me-dia, which is coordinated by the Department for Public Relations, Information and Publis-hing. The Department includes editorial staff of HOK newsletter Trades and Crafts Journal.The Chamber’s work is also presented on the HOK web page. The Chamber gives highest priority to timely information for its members, the media and general public about its activities.

Department for public relations, information and publishing

Since the Chamber has the important role of being a promoter and advocate of the interests of all tradesmen and craftsmen in front of state and other institutions and in front of the generalpublic; and since it is promoting the interests of trades and their activities, with the aim of creating a better business environment for the tradesmen, the Croatian Chamber of Trades andCrafts has instituted a special Department for Public Relations, Information and Publis-hing. TheChamber pays special attention to cooperation with the following media: press, radio and television. It regularly provides their editorial staff with information about its plans and activities.This is done through daily contacts with journalists, answering their questions and inviting them to HOK Assembly meetings, meetings of various committees and guilds, tradesmen’s conventions, symposiums and competitions. HOK informs the public about all importantissues concerning the trades in Croatia by organizing press conferences, issuing statements for the press and giving interviews in the media. HOK also takes journalists on tours in orderto acquaint them with tradesmen’s achievements and results.

Trades and crafts journal - HOK periodical

HOK NewsletterIn order to efficiently bring information to tradesmen and the public in general, the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts initiated the project of publishing a newsletter called Trades and Crafts Journal in 2000. This was a continuation of the project Infohok, which was HOK newsletter until then. Trades and Crafts Journal is a monthly periodical with a circulation of approximately 100 000 copies. It is delivered free of charge to all registered tradesmen in Croatia, and to around 3500 addresses of state, financial and vocational institutions, as well as embassies. The newletter is published on 32 pages, which bring the latest news and look into current topics concerning tradesmanship and small and medium sized enterprise. It gives special attention to the following topics: vocational education, trade fairs, finances, international relations, guilds’ activities, and legal regulations concerning the tradesmen. Since there are 20 county chambers of trades and crafts, their activities are also represented on the pages of Trades and Crafts Journal.


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