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  • 10th International conference “Alternative Dispute Resolution”

10th International conference “Alternative Dispute Resolution”

Datum događanja: 23.10.2019. - 24.10.2019.
Lokacija: Velika dvorana Matice hrvatskih obrtnika, Zagreb, Ilica 49/I.

10th International conference “Alternative Dispute Resolution”

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts will be organising the 10th International conference “Alternative Dispute Resolution – the Cooperation between the Public Sector and Judiciary with the Economic Sector” (MARS conference) in Zagreb, 23rd and 24th October 2019.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to save-the-date.

At our conference, which caused the great interest from participants during previous years, notable international lecturers from Singapore, United States of America, China, Ireland, Cyprus, United Kingdom,Poland, France, Netherlands, Slovenia, etc., will participate together with Croatian experts.
The most important topics are:

  • mediation or arbitration in commercial or investment dispute; particularities of ADR in contacts with Asian business partners
  • mediation in European Union
  • the importance of better involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises into the EU Single market; the advantages of mediation as an effective instrument for solving cross-border disputes


  • functioning of the EU's digital Single market; impact on craftsmen and other small and medium-sized enterprises
  • cross-border e-commerce for SMEs; the latest information from the EC
  • digitalization of the courts and administration as a way of increasing their efficiency 


  • alternative dispute resolution in tourism; contribution to development
  • EU project “Consumer Law Ready”; European small and medium enterprises and digitalization
  • The Online Dispute Resolution Platform of the European Commission for settlement of consumer disputes

The aim of the Conference is to introduce conditions for economic growth, present experiences of other stakeholders as well as some of the best international practice of creating an enabling business environment with IT tools and ADR as a way of avoiding legal disputes.
We would like to raise awareness of how efficient judiciary, public administration and alternative dispute resolution are important for business, investments and competitiveness improvement.
Who can attend the conference?

  • mediators and everybody interested in mediation and other ways of alternative dispute resolution
  • proffessionals from different economic sectors such as financial, tourism, construction, transportation, etc. who create conditions and implement actions
  • craftsmen, tradesmen and other entrepreneurs, especially web retailers and those wishing to engage in e-commerce business
  • judges, lawyers and public sector professionals and customers interested in the application of IT solution to court system
  • IT professionals and companies which work or wish to work with digital tools in public sector and judiciary
  • consumers who are interested in mediation and other ways of ADR
  • all other practitioners and scientists interested in mentioned areas as well as the application of European public policies and national reforms stimulating the economic growth at the European Single Market

We would like to emphasize that since 2010, this conference has been recognized by the professional public as the one of the most significant events in the region attended by more than 150 participants from Croatia, countries from the region and other EU countries. By now, lecturers from 23 EU countries, the United States, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro participated at the conference. In 2010 and 2018, European Day of Civil Justice was celebrated during our conference.
We believe that our selection of topics and lecturers will be as interesting as it has been in previous years.

More information about earlier conferences: International ADR Conference (MARS conference)
We are looking forward to seeing you again and enjoying mutual constructive work at our 10th International Alternative Dispute Resolution conference (IADR - MARS conference). Detailed work programme is in preparation.



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