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Within the tasks stipulated by the Law on Trades and Crafts, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts pays special attention to the education of its human resources, particularly by conducting regular education on the secondary school level and retraining and upgrading of tradesmen and potential tradesmen in the form of lifelong education. The Education Department is organized into teams in order to provide educational services on the whole territory of Croatia.

In cooperation with vocational schools and the ministries responsible for vocational education, the Department organizes activities specified by laws and regulations which define its scope of work in the first place within regular school system for the needs of tradesmanship. It is involved in crafts licensing, admission of pupils, practical part of apprenticeship training and it organizes and conducts control and apprenticeship exams. In order to increase the number of pupils enrolled in trades and crafts’ programs as much as possible, special attention by the Department is paid to promotional activities. The most significant event among them is “I want to be a master craftsman”, promotion of trade and craft professions traditionally taking place every year.

Within further education for the needs of trades and crafts the Education Department conducts master craftsman’s exams (names the members of the exam boards, supervises the exam procedure and issues master craftsman’s diplomas), conducts vocational competence exams and is involved in all forms of retraining into trade and craft professions.

In order to enable high quality education in craft workshops, the Education Department organizes courses in work didactics for master craftsmen - vocational teachers with the recognized status of master craftsman and provides the necessary textbooks and manuals within its “Master” edition for modern and efficient teaching.

Significant activities of the Education Department are connected to cooperation with the competent bodies of state authorities, institutions, and associations in Croatia and abroad to the aim of mutual exchange of experiences and further support of vocational education.


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