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Sud časti

Court of Honour of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts resolves consumer and other civil disputes.

In accordance with the provisions of the Rules of the Court of Honour of the Croatian Chamber of Trades & Crafts (Official Gazette 22/17), a complaint may be submitted:

1.Only against duly registered tradesmen/craftsmen (or other members of the CCTC) – you may visit the online Central Trades & Crafts Registry at http://or.minpo.hr/ to check the trader or craftsman's status. You can also contact the CCTC at 003851 4806 666 or hok@hok.hr.

2. Within one year from the date upon which the consumer submitted the complaint to the trader.

3. Complaint should consist of:

a) a statement to be submitted to the Court of Honour of the CCTC

b) information on plaintiff: name, last name, company name, address, phone.

c) information on complainant: name, last name, address, phone

d) a brief description of the violation for which the complaint is submitted

e) the time when the violation has occured: month and year

f) date of submitting a written complaint to the trader

g) a complainant's request for the peaceful settlement of the dispute

4. As evidence for the claims made in the complaint, complainant must also submit:

a) written complaint to the trader, trader's response to the complaint, contracts, invoices, bills, receipts, offers, etc.

b) information on witnesses (name, last name, address, phone) who can confirm the complainant's claims if there is no other evidence

c) information on whether in order to resolve the dispute, proceedings before a regular court or another ADR body have been initiated, or a regular court or another ADR body reached a decision.

5.  Complaint and all attachments must be submitted in at least two copies and must be signed by the complainant.

6.  The complaint can be submitted by post to the address of  the Court, emailed to sud-casti@hok.hr or delivered personally.

Complaint to the Court can be submitted through the EU ODR platform as well. 


Proceedings before the Court of Honour

Proceedings are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of the Court of Honour of the CCTC, and are divided into three phases: the preliminary mediation proceedings, proceedings before the Court council of the first instance, and the appeal proceedings before the Court council of the second instance.

Participation in the first phase of the procedure (preliminary mediation proceedings) is voluntary for both the trader and the consumer, while participation in the next two phases is voluntary only for the consumer.

The trader has an obligation to participate in the second and third phase of proceedings if he was duly notified about it by the Court. If he fails to attend, the Court holds the right to reach a decision without his presence.

Parties in the proceedings do not pay court fees and are not obliged to use a lawyerunless they choose to.If  deemed necessary, the cost of expert evaluation is covered by the party that requests it.

The measures that the Court may impose are determined by the Rules of the Court and range from a warning to the proposal of withdrawal of crafts license.


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